Our Rooms

Meganursery is a large open-plan nursery incorporating three rooms/ areas of learning and development. The rooms are divided by half-height walls, giving a wonderful sense of space and light and most importantly community. With the exception of the baby room which is a lovely peaceful, self-contained large two open space over two rooms. The rooms in Meganursery are individually named.

Little Tigers is our Baby Room

For children aged 3 months to walking /around 16 months old

Little Tigers is calm, bright and stimulating spaces for you little ones, where we do our best to make sure you both feel as settled and reassured as possible as you first join the Meganursery family.

At this very early age, babies are taking everything in and we are extremely aware of the need to provide a relaxed and loving atmosphere, where every child’s needs are met individually, and staff work closely with you as parents to ensure continuity of care. We offer settling in visits where both parents and babies, to help build a sense of assurance for both of you. So that when the time comes for your baby to be left, they will be happy and familiar in their new surroundings. The settling-in time is important for the baby team to learn individual care routines.

At this stage children are little explorers and are watching and observing everything around them, listening to all the interesting new sounds, and learning by feeling and touching everything in sensory exploration. We work to encourage a baby’s development in a space which is homely, nurturing and stimulating, where they are free to explore the environment; our little tigers room contains carefully chosen equipment suitable for non-mobile and crawling babies. The Little Tigers team understand the links between physical development and brain development, and so give space and freedom for babies to spend time on the floor where they can stretch their limbs, roll over and spend time on their tummies; In an exciting room where your child can explore their world and further their development at the same time. Activities include play gyms/walkers, musical toys, book corner, water play, sensory play and Language and Communication is supported through thoughtful interactions, singing and stories.

A ‘diary’ will be completed for you daily, which includes a summary of your baby’s times of feeds, nappy changes and sleep as well as comments about what your baby has enjoyed exploring during their day at nursery. This is designed to be a two-way process so that you can write down anything you want our team to know (change to routine, baby teething, unsettle night etc.).


For toddlers and 2 year-olds

Butterfly Room is created as a ‘free flow’ access room which is designed to provide a bright and exciting environment perfect for your inquisitive child to play, learn and develop, as their mobility, dexterity and language improve, as they begin exploring with greater zeal. Butterfly Room has lots of different activities for your child to enjoy, for example construction, block play, puzzles, small world play, role play and a cosy corner where children can relax and look at books.

There is a physical area with a climbing frame, balancing equipment, balls and bean bags. Creative activities are also provided including sand, water, painting, drawing and sensory play for the children to experience; allowing them to flourish in this stage of their development the team encourage them to stretch themselves both physically and imaginatively. As your toddler is learning to talk, the team provide lots of opportunity to promote conversation, developing language and communication. The also children enjoy regular access to our ‘roof garden’ on a daily basis.

To make sure that each child’s routine and individual needs are met staff in Butterfly Room work alongside parents, ensuring their individuals’ needs are met, in an ideal environment for your child to learn and develop at their own pace. You will be given a ‘daily sheet’ which will give a summary of your child’s time at nursery, including what food they ate; nappy changes, sleep times and what your child enjoyed playing with at nursery.

As you toddler develops they are also ready to start learning about self-help and life skills – shared meal times where the children are encouraged to feed themselves, dressing skills, and lots of toilet training(when the time comes, we work extremely closely with you as parents, maintaining the same routine) which all helps towards children’s independence. Children in the Butterfly Room can still get tired because they are so busy discovering and exploring at nursery. There is a cosy, quiet sleep area where your child can sleep if you would like them to.

Meganursery offers Free Early Years Entitlement funding for a limited number of 2 year olds who fit the eligible criteria, for part-time place available from the term following your child’s 2nd birthday if they are eligible set by the government. Please see Sheffield Council’s webpages for details and eligibility; www.sheffield.gov.uk/freeearlylearning  our FAQ’s and FEL fact sheet will also help give you all the info you will need; and any member of management can help you with your application/enquires.

Our Preschool

For children 3yrs to 4yrs old

The Pre-school Room is an exciting, fun and stimulating learning environment always buzzing with energy as the children begin their first steps to mainstream education. This is where children are getting ready to go to Reception at big school. There are opportunities to learn at every turn, including early reading and maths skills, mark-making, and imaginative play, which are reinforced through what we call ‘purposeful play’.

Preschool has two areas – a core base and a creative area. The creative area provides opportunities for children to experience natural materials with a variety of choices including water, painting and sensory play. Activities and play experiences are planned to ensure each child is challenged and given chance to learn and develop on an individual basis, whilst having lots of fun of course! The children are encouraged to recognise their own name as part of their routine at the beginning of each session, as well as talk about the ‘calendar and weather’, and also encouraged to contribute to the running of the Pre-School Room and help out by laying the tables for lunch, watering the plants or tidying up after themselves.

At this point, we start to introduce a little more structure to the day – the team in the Pre-School room continue to work with the children towards the basic requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (which your child’s school will continue to follow until they finish Reception class). your little ones can really benefit from all the individual care and attention they need before moving on to school.

The teams aim in Pre-School is to instil and encourage self-confidence and a real enjoyment of learning so when your little treasures are moving up to reception; they’re self-assured and raring to go. Practitioners work closely with all schools to ensure that strong communication ensures a smooth transition. All parents and close family members of Pre-School children leaving for school are invited to our fantastic summer Graduation Party where we celebrate this memory making milestone.

All 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to a funded part-time place available from the term following your child’s 3rd birthday until they start school. Meganursery also offer the 30hours funded childcare from September 2017; please see our fact sheet on this website or the government link https://childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk/par/app/extendedentitlement or any member of the management team.

The Roof Garden

Our unique and stimulating roof garden for outside play

Meganursery roof garden for outside play, this is a purpose built outdoor play area specifically designed for your children’s fun and safety, within our building. Children are also able to watch trains go by and wave to the passengers, and train builders working yard from the advantage point of this garden!

On the roof garden there are lots of exciting things to discover and explore such as climbing, riding bikes, parachute games, balls, sand and water play and lots more. Children can enjoy role play activities such as creating dens, working at a garage, taking baby for a walk and many more opportunities for their imaginations to develop. Staff plan the activities according to children’s interests, so that your child can gain the best experience whilst enjoying the outdoors. The roof garden provides a great experience for all children to access the outdoor world.

Through playing outdoors children are improving their skills of body control, co-ordination and movement. This helps them to gain confidence in what they can do as well as helping towards keeping them healthy.

Children can access the roof garden throughout the year and seasons. In spring and summer we plan for children to spend more time outdoors, exploring of water and messy play actives. As well as experiencing splashing in puddles when it is raining, and building a snowman after it has snowed. We do ask that all parents provide and suitable protective clothing in all season’s; sun/woolly hats, suitable coats,  ‘welly’ boots, gloves and scarfs etc. for these sessions. Meganursery provides a high factor children’s sun protection cream for use on all children. You can of course bring your child’s own sun protection cream to nursery.