FEL Funding

Early Education Entitlement is effectively free childcare for all 3 and 4 year olds (and some 2 year olds who meet certain criteria), funded by the government. All children are entitled to 570 free hours at nursery per year, starting from the term after their third birthday. You are able to book additional hours on top of your free hours if you would like to.

When can my child access their Early Education Entitlement?

All children can begin to receive their free education hours from the term after their third birthday:

A child born on or between…

Can access their free entitlement…

1st April – 31st August

Beginning of the Autumn term

1st September – 31st December

Beginning of the Spring term

1st January – 31st March

Beginning of the Summer term

Funding then continues at Meganursery until your child starts Reception Class at school, in the year they turn 5, or except under exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of the Local Authority.

How is the Early Education Entitlement worked out at Meganursery?

At Meganursery we offer the funding in two ways:

  • Full Year Place (referred to as stretched offer): For children who attend for the full year (50 weeks), the 570 hours of funding is spread evenly throughout the year, giving you an equal amount to pay each month. This equates to 11 hours of free funding per week.
  • FEL Hours Only Places: Meganursery offers FEL Hours Only Places, available on an extremely limited basis only to children who are eligible for the 3 year old funding. Children who attend term time only (38 weeks) are entitled to 15 hours of free funding per week.
  • Meals: Any meals have a small charge for lunch and tea for children attending for the Free Early Learning funding only or parents can provide a packed lunch/tea.(these are charged for all funded hours) Meals are  included in the fees for children attending in addition to their funded hours.  All snacks are provided free.

If paying for hours over and above your funding, this will continue to be worked out as a monthly average to spread the costs evenly over the year;

Standard Place/Hours:

Weekly Fee x 50 / 12 = Monthly Fee

Term Time Only Place:

Weekly Fee x 38 / 12 = Monthly Fee

What do I have to do to access the FEL Entitlement?

Around the beginning of each term, you will be asked to sign a Parent Declaration Form, setting out the agreed hours and pattern of access to the free entitlement. Your entitlement may be split with another provider if you wish – if you decide to access your free education at more than one provider you will be asked to sign a parent declaration at both settings.

Signing the parent declaration commits parents and the nursery to a termly contract. Due to the rules set down by the Local Authority, it is not possible to change the pattern of your free entitlement or change to a different provider during that term, except under exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of the Local Authority.To claim the universal 15-hour entitlement does not need to make an application via the government websites, this is only required to check your eligibility for the new 30 hours funded childcare.* T&C ‘s apply.

What happens if my child already attends Meganursery?

If your child already attends Meganursery, once you are eligible for funding we will assume you want to continue your pattern of attendance unless you tell us otherwise, and we will automatically convert some of your childcare sessions to funded sessions. You will be asked to sign a Parental Declaration Form each term.