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Terms & Conditions

Oh so sorry, but yes we do have terms & conditions. If you have any queuries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

1. All the play areas are marked with age and/or height restrictions, which are there to remind you that the equipment in these areas has been designed for children of certain ages, heights and abilities. The equipment is intended to provide both interest and challenge for your children.

2. Signs are in place to discourage younger children from straying into areas meant for older children. You are responsible for ensuring that your children do not stray into inappropriate areas. Parents/guardians of children who give permission for their children to make use of areas designated for older children do so at their own risk.  If toys are broken by older children in the 0-18 month’s area, damages will have to be paid for.

3. You are responsible for the supervision of your child’s play at all times during their time at Megakidz. We recommend that one adult should supervise no more than four children.

4. All children must be wearing suitable clothing for playing on the equipment e.g. T-shirts, long trousers and socks whilst in the playzone.

5. Children must remove shoes, spectacles, ties, jewellery, watches and any other sharp objects or necklace type chains before entering the playzone. The security of these items remains the responsibility of the child and/or parent/guardian. The management cannot accept responsibility for their loss or damage.

6. You must ensure that your child is not wearing or carrying anything that could put their safety at risk. Also ensure that your child is not carrying any sharp implements such as pens or pencils.

7. No sweets, drinks or other food items can be taken into the playzone.

8. The play equipment, toilets and general areas are inspected regularly by our staff. Please notify us if you spot anything, which is broken or may need some attention.

9. The entry charge for all children entitles them to 2 hours play.

10. Only food and drink that has been purchased from MegaRelax may be consumed on the premises.

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